Learning to Draw, One Happy Day at a Time…

This weekend, I decided to start a happiness journal, because sometimes I need to be reminded of all the happiness around me. At the same time, I’ve decided that I will also learn to draw. Why not? I like to dabble, in case you hadn’t noticed. It all started when a “learn how to draw a turtle” pin came across my Pinterest feed….

I started out by finding the templates for my journal.

For my cover and my weekly pages, where my goal is to briefly list 3 things that made me happy each day, I used the free templates at World Label: The Harmonized House Project.

My Cover (World Label):

   2014-09-22 23.19.54

My Weekly Happiness check-ins (World Label):

2014-09-22 23.20.27

My Daily Happiness Journal/Sketchbook:

 2014-09-22 23.27.11  ^My beautiful beginner drawing lesson 😉

Page made by me, though I’m no graphic designer! Daily happiness questions came from Self Magazine. “Take Charge of Your Happiness” by Sarah Eckel. 2004. (Get yours here: HappinessJournal)

As for the drawing lessons, I’m giving Bob Davies a try. I would love to get a sketchbook and some professional pencils, but since I am in the process of buying a house and I am too new to know whether I stick to it, I probably shouldn’t be spending money right now! For now, within the happiness journal is just fine.

2014-09-22 23.29.06

How’d I do on my first sketch? I’m happy with it! Thanks Bob 🙂

How about you? What is something new you are trying out?