Back to Basics

First things first. I’m so excited because my fabric came in! I finally got it all washed and ready to go… (Well, they still need to be ironed, but I’ll get to that as I get to each fabric.) I ask you not to judge my ironing board cover, it’s on my list of things to learn to make. I may have had a ‘slight’ addiction to smiley faces growing up and this is still the first cover I ever had. Yes, I don’t iron much.

2014-03-24 13.00.36


This was my first order from Pink Castle Fabrics, actually my first order online, and I absolutely adore the collections they carry. I tried to start with some basic patterns for now but there are so many on that site that I want to have! Locally, I can’t seem to find a store that carries patterns I love, so I just decided to ventured online. Where do you buy your fabric from? I need recommendations. Though I will say, I think I might be at risk of having a fabric addiction after browsing a little for this purchase. I even started a Pinterest Fabric Wishlist! So far, I’m okay with my new obsession, but I may have to keep myself in check.

I thought today I would have something to show for my first blog post back into sewing, and while I guess I do, it is not as much as I expected to have. It isn’t that I didn’t attempt to work on a couple of projects, but I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW TO USE MY MACHINE! I don’t know why I’m surprised, I’ve only used it 3 times and it has been a while since I attempted anything. I wanted to start on some bibs for my sister-in-law but realized that I had a birthday party to attend, and since the gift came in the day before I thought it would be perfect to give it to her in a little gift bag I made myself. The birthday girl is a card-maker and I require all future cards to be handmade from her (cause they are just that pretty), and it only made since for me to make the bag instead of buying it. I thought I’d be able to get through both projects.

Instead of sewing the whole time though, I spend most of the time reuniting with my machine and fixing errors I caused because I forgot some basic rules. I still don’t know them right now so I can’t begin to explain but I will tell you I learned how to take the foot off for the first time, in order to remove a pin that I forgot to remove in time (or to attach in a way in which I wouldn’t have needed to remove it first). The good news, I did get it out eventually!

2014-03-24 13.10.10

I DID find this awesome post by thediydreamer compiling sewing 101 posts from all over the web and my homework for the next week is to refresh what little knowledge I had acquired during the beginning of my learning process and hopefully learn something new along the way too! I’ve added it to my favorites to guide me until I’m comfortable with my machine.

In the end, I was able to create one of the bags. My goal was 5. I PROMISE to post next monday, hopefully with a finished collection of gift bags since now I’m making the birthday girl wait until next Friday to receive her gift, maybe even a little something for my sister-in-law, and some tips I found the most helpful along the way. No more school and wedding planning excuses.

Here is my first beginner gift bag 😉 I didn’t use any help, though I probably should have, so it is as basic as it gets, but hey, I did it. And I will keep seeking advice on how to improve. Every step counts, right?

2014-03-24 13.05.16

Until next time, happy crafting.


Better late than never?

I know, I know. I had made a resolution to blog more often, and I failed that attempt. For a bit I felt that I just didn’t have the time to do anything crafty, I was busy planning my wedding! That’s right folks, I’m officially married now! I must admit, I was definitely in a fog for most of the planning process and actually, as my eyes are extremely expressive, I can even see that foggy mentality in most of my wedding pictures, eek! But everything worked out in the end. No disasters, really… Now that the fog has started to lift it hit me, “Ummm, duh Christina, your wedding planning can count as crafting!” Of course I had plenty of help but I’m proud of the results all the same, if not even more so. My girls were so wonderful throughout the whole process and I am forever thankful. What may surprise of you is that my husband was the biggest help of all. I was down to my last few months of college as we got into the final stretch and there were many things he had to take over completely. Because he is so great, that even included the decor 😉  So many details in a wedding! We survived, and here is our proof 😉 A glimpse of our oh-so-happy day:

My husband’s signage handiwork…

Richard Harrell Photography-0316

Richard Harrell Photography-0715

Richard Harrell Photography-0718

The work of my crafty mother-in-law…

Richard Harrell Photography-0329

The cork board we worked on together and thought it would never work out right but in the end we found all the right pieces and she was able to glue down our work.

This beauty is now a staple in our living room. I love it!

Richard Harrell Photography-0319

Our card box. I have many lessons on crafting to learn from my mother-in-law. A few hiccups on this one but in the end, amazing!

My Matron of Honor’s handiwork…

Richard Harrell Photography-0540

The cake…

Richard Harrell Photography-0556We found this cake topper on Etsy, from CakeTopperConnection

The stand is a candle holder from Michaels that my husband glued a metal plate to the top from a thrift store and spray-painted bronze.

Richard Harrell Photography-0350Ok, so maybe I just produced this show instead of participated? My husband spent a good amount of time applying these labels ever so carefully. We bought two sets of these labels just in case we applied some wrong or if one of the wine bottles broke during travel. Of course, we also packed some blank bottles just in case. I will add credit to the maker of these labels as soon as I find out who my husband got them from. I do know, our great friend, and one of our groomsmen, Francisco, is responsible for the graphics seen throughout our wedding with a joint effort from my husband, of course.

Richard Harrell Photography-0349At least I can say I did this part! 😉

Richard Harrell Photography-0023One of my favorite touches and of course, not at all my own craftiness but the work of DestinationLtd

AND NOW, because some of you have never seen my face before, some pictures of me, my dress, my new wonderful husband, and our wedding party. Meet the gang!

(Note the blank look on my face, I wasn’t kidding!)

Richard Harrell Photography-0144

Richard Harrell Photography-0152Dress by Stella York

Purchased from The White Closet Bridal Co. If you are local to Tampa Bay and getting married, don’t waste your time anywhere else!

Richard Harrell Photography-0184

Richard Harrell Photography-0118

So… months and months of search for shows… last minute, and $17 at Ross. Proud moment. Somehow found perfectly matching flats in the exact same color and fabric.

Richard Harrell Photography-0235Again with the blank stare! Such a fog! Oh, and the bridesmaid dresses are also from The White Closet Bridal Co.

Richard Harrell Photography-0298Yes, a cheesy shot. I’ve always agreed. But it is so cheesy and awkward that you can’t help laughing while you are doing it. So…. yeah.

Richard Harrell Photography-0835

Richard Harrell Photography-0842

I should also note the photos are all by Richard Harrell Photography. The wonderful food and wedding planning by Nellie’s Catering. The flowers are from Flowers by Fudgie. The to-die-for desserts were from Sweet Tweets Cakery. Hair and Makeup from Michele Renee Studio. Also, the getaway boat was perfect – Captain Jacks Charters

Hope you enjoyed My Sew Called Adventure. Now that we are back from our amazing honeymoon in Argentina, it is time to settle back  into the groove and get started on the next adventure, crafting. You thought I’d say baby? Ha! Give me at least a year before THAT adventure. 

On a side note, though more relevant to this blog than anything else I’ve posted so far tonight, this past week I ordered some new fabric and dug out my sewing supplies. I’m ready to get started on some new crafts… AND my sister-in-law is prego which means I now I have a pretty good reason to get to work on perfecting that bib and trying some other useful baby stuff! Very excited!

Until next time, happy crafting.

Love, Christina