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Hello again!

Being a perfectionist, I build a lot of roadblocks in my path. Often, I’ve thought about a post I’d like to share and then don’t because I don’t love something about my post. The truth is, I’m not here as an English teacher or graphic design guru. Heck, I’m not even here as an authority on sewing. I just want to write about my experience, meet new people, and keep learning. That being said, I’ll even welcome POLITE corrections on my grammar and any other tips you have to send my way. I like to learn new things! 

I’m proud to say that although I haven’t been blogging about it, I have been sewing! Through my job, I met a wonderful lady who has offered to teach me to sew for free for a couple hours a week. She is currently teaching me how to make my own pants, so stay tuned! I’ll post a picture of the final product once it’s done. I also try to meet a good friend once a week to sew together. We will start posting picture updates of that too 😉

I started picking sewing up again around September but with many breaks due to holidays and weddings. Even so, I’m happy that I’m actually doing it. I’m trying not to be hard on myself for being so inconsistent. Life happens. (Another place the quote above fits my life!)

This past year, I’ve learned that raising a puppy is exhausting but so rewarding. Cole is an amazing dog and a mama’s boy. He just had his first birthday before Christmas, and he had a little impromptu birthday party with his girlfriends. It’s crazy how fast he is growing up.

I also got an amazing job, providing resources to foster children in the Tampa Bay Area. It has been so rewarding to have a job that I know helps make a difference in the lives of others. I also took up a side gig as a Independent Jamberry Consultant. Why not? Ive gone so long without being able to wear anything on my nails, so it completely sucked me in. Don’t worry, it won’t be taking over my blog!

I do tend to take on more than I can chew so I think, this year, I will be focusing on simplifying, enough to be able to enjoy the things that are important to me, as well as spending more time with friends and family. I don’t typically do New Year’s resolutions, in fact, if anything, I do birthday resolutions, but there’s no time better than the present! 😉

What about you? Any New Year’s resolutions? 

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I’m Famous!

Ok, so maybe I’m not famous! …In fact, I’m pretty awkward in front of a camera. (I know this, so no need to point it out to me!) When asked to participate on the Rhonda Shear segment, I didn’t know what I had signed up for and I was nervous. Then, when I missed the segment that aired on HSN, I had convinced myself that they just cut me out. If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen, right? Easier for me to believe.

Honestly though, I had such an amazing time on the HSN set for Rhonda Shear’s bra and leggings session. Rhonda is a hoot! She is so much fun and very animated. She had us laughing the whole time. All the lovely ladies on the set with me were wonderful to hang out with as well, many of which are devoted HSN shoppers excited to get not only a peek behind the cameras but to step out in front of the camera at one of their favorite places. The staff at HSN was incredibly nice too, giving us a tour, providing lunch between sets, and hanging out with us in the dressing room telling us stories from behind the scenes.

Although I was hesitant when asked to participate at first, I’m glad I didn’t turn down this opportunity to step outside of my comfort level and try a new experience. As someone who grew up a perfectionist, scared and often unable to try something new because I knew it wouldn’t be perfect from the start, I now strive to reprogram my thinking. Life doesn’t need to be so serious! Mostly, that’s what this blog is about, branching out and trying new things. (I actually had anxiety attacks over writing papers in school!) Many times, this is hard for me, but I do notice that it is getting easier with each new thing I push myself through. In fact, sometimes, I even crave it now. I’m not planning on going skydiving any time soon though. For now, sewing, crocheting, crafting and blogging are daring enough, but who knows where that will lead next. Most importantly, I’m learning to laugh at myself, something that has taken me a long time to accomplish. Ten years ago I probably would have cried from embarrassment and that’s no exaggeration! (The perfectionist in me is hard to please!) I know, especially for women, we tend to be out own biggest critic, seeing problems with ourselves that no one else sees, and I try to remind myself to give me a break. Due to this harsh judgement, in the past I’ve always shied away from the camera, so the fact that I went on HSN, and am now sharing it with you is HUGE! Conquering my fears one adventure at a time.

Check out the funny faces I make in these clips! Apparently I still try to hide my teeth! A practice I started in 4th or 5th grade to hide my braces and never got over.

Rhonda Shear “Ahh Bra” Clip

Rhonda Shear “Shaping Leggings” Clip

How about you? Any self improvement projects you are working on?