Better with friends…

I am apparently drawn to greens... These were all purchased at different times.

I am apparently drawn to greens… These were all purchased at different times.

Crochet. We’ve been all talk for a while now. It started when a Stitch N’ Bitch group was sitting next to us at a Starbucks knitting and crocheting while catching up on each other’s lives. We felt like we were missing out on some of the fun. We felt completely unproductive during our own rant fest. That was a few years ago.

Who needs a hook? :)

Hooks, hooks, and more hooks! Where do I start?! 🙂

Yesterday, we finally got the ball rolling. I tried learning on my own with a book at first, but many times I have trouble figuring out exactly what is going on there. As I mentioned in a earlier post, I’ve started Craftyminx’s Crochet School on my own and I’m really enjoying it but I’ve been stuck at lesson 4, trying to master the single chain stitch. More than anything, I’m having issues with tension, and holding the yarn. Although, I’m learning this is hard for anyone to master at first, I also am working against a previous hand injury, where I slammed my hand in a bank vault door (and Workers Comp never covered therapy). So even though it means I might be struggling more, in a way, I’m doing my own physical therapy on my hand by teaching myself to do some of these motions I didn’t even know I wasn’t capable of doing. Crochet is looking pretty beneficial for me!

Yarn  + Play-doh therapy = my first stitches

Yarn + Play-doh therapy = my first stitches. Blurry shot, but how’d I do?

And now I have some of my girlfriends interested in tackling these lessons with me, which is super helpful because now we can not only learn so much from these videos individually, but also have each other for help if we need it. Last night was a fun night of slip knots, chain stitches, pizza and wine. We are hoping to get through lesson 5 on our own and read up on lesson 6 before our next meet up. I’m looking forward to regular crochet time with my girlfriends… we will see just how productive we will actually be. A little is still better than nothing, right? 🙂 Wish me/us luck!

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