Winter “Break”

How I’ve missed my blog… more importantly, how I’ve missed this sewing adventure. This past semester was the toughest I’ve ever encountered but in the end, I survived it! It may be my first semester without straight A’s but considering I took five classes, three of which were reading/writing intensive, while helping with the planning of three weddings… my best friend’s, my brother’s, and my own. I think I’ll be okay with a few B’s. Or at least I’m trying.

All semester long I’ve thought about what I would like to sew once the semester was over! I’m so excited I can finally get to work! (Though there is only 4 days until my brother marries my creative inspiration of a sister-in-law to be!) I’ve very happy for them and I am glad to be a part of it. This is such a happy time! And after this week, there is only my own wedding to plan so supposedly things will slow down and I can get to work.

Although I have figured out what I want to make, and although I’m not sure how successful I’ll be in doing it, I cannot post anything about it until it’s complete… It’s a gift! Another brother and sister-in-law are expecting!! I’m officially going to be an Auntie… although I already consider myself an Auntie to my fiancé’s nieces. And of course, my next project is for my nephew. Funny how I decided to try my hand at that bib before there were any babies around. Maybe I should be careful about which projects I choose 😛

Another thing that has kept me busy is my latest obsession with Pinterest. Is anyone else as addicted as I have been? I was one of the first members because some , before anything really happened on it, and I never paid much attention to it. I went a wedding last month and decided to take a look again and have been completely hooked on looking at wedding and sewing….and other crafting ideas. I don’t even know where to start! Well I did start by buying a rolling case for my sewing machine. I don’t understand why they have to be so hideous! I found one that I’m at least okay with for now…


Anyway, I’ve gotta run. This winter “break” includes a mile long to-do list I want to knock out before my other best friend comes down January 1st to help with wedding planning. Best anniversary/birthday present my fiancé could give me!! I’m so excited! This is going to be the best year of my life next year, to date! I plan on making sure of it! I see my best friend from Nevada THREE times, become an Auntie to the newborn nephew (and officially an Auntie to my two unofficial nieces), finally graduate college, turn 30, go on my first cruise, marry the love of my life, and who knows what else! (Don’t worry Burg, I will see you MORE than three times!) And I can only hope that there are many more wonderful years to top it after that.

One New Years resolution: to craft more, to blog more. What’s yours?

3 thoughts on “Winter “Break”

  1. Looks like you’ve been a bit more successful at it 🙂 I think that we never truly have enough time for ALL the things we want to do, but we keep on trying! 😉


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