Breaking the bank…

My machine is here! If only I had some free time to play with it! It came on Tuesday, just as expected and it has been staring at me ever since. I finally opened it up, but I have still yet to try it. I’m glad it came with so many accessories.I wasn’t really sure what kind of things would be included. I also got some extra bobbins while I was at it. I plan on going over the owner’s manual in the next few days… may depend on how much studying I get in before next Tuesdays test. (I’m a rule-book-kind-of-girl, and I always have been. Often considered an annoying trait to many.)

My very own sewing machine

I did, however, go on a little shopping spree to buy a few things I might need to get started. Hopefully I got enough to get me started. A huge thank you again to creative pixie for the advice on some needed supplies.  I’m including a picture so that if I’m missing something necessary you can let me know. In case the picture isn’t too clear Here is a list of what I purchased: some pins, a pincushion (that I definitely will want to replace, but it came with one of those beginner sewing kits), a few thread varieties, dressmaker’s shears, measuring tape, transparent ruler, fabric pens, chalk pencil, needle threader, seam gauge, seam ripper, and a tracing wheel and wax-free tracing paper than came with the beginner kit. I also purchases some fabric. First time on my own. Did I miss anything?

Still felt a little awkward but I am immensely grateful to my sister-in-law for taking me the first time because I didn’t feel like as much of an idiot doing it on my own this time. A woman actually asked me some advice on a project she was working on, hoping for some insight. Upon confessing I was only at the beginning of classes she was so tickled and wished me lots of luck while telling me how much fun I will have. Only advice she gave me: Start saving your money now.

Well… That’s all I have so far. I was hoping I’d have had time to work on something by now but in due time I guess. My goal is to post something from here on out at least every Monday. If I miss one, feel free to call me out! 😛

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter… if you celebrate it. If not, have a great weekend. 😉

4 thoughts on “Breaking the bank…

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. Your sewing kit looks good, can’t think of anything you’ve missed out. Over time you can replace some of the items as you see fit. Good scissors are a must and good quality thread is necessary for your machine or else you’ll end up getting a big tangle and those are not good 😦
    What I would recommend doing with your machine is, when you’re feeling confident with it, is to get a piece of waste fabric and do a 6 inch line of each of the stitches your machine can do. It’s so nice to see what your machine can do and how it actually makes each design. If you keep the piece of the fabric you can always refer back to it for future projects.
    Happy Easter and happy crafting!


    • Thanks for all your ideas and support! I was thinking of using a scrap (or a few) to practice on, but I hadn’t really thought it out yet. I will definitely need to do the different stitches. Great idea. Hopefully I can find some time to do some of this soon. I’m impatient to start but I really need to study! 🙂


  2. I didn’t see bobbins in the kit. Make sure there are bobbins in the machine packet when you get a chance. Also, there are different needles for different fabrics.
    I’m happy for you. I know you’ll do great, you always do great projects on every craft you pick up.


    • I think they are in the picture with the machine. I’m not looking at it at this moment though. Either way, I have some 😉 I think it came with some needle varieties but I could be wrong. I will look into it. Thanks for looking out for me.


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