Let the fun begin…

Happy April Fools Day. In truth it’s probably one of my least favorite days. I trust no one today! :-/ But this is no April Fools joke…. I’ve ordered my first sewing machine! Turns out I just couldn’t wait. 😛 I went with the one I mentioned early, the Brother CS6000i. The best deal I could find was on Amazon.com. The lowest price and Free Shipping. It should be here by Tuesday! I’m excited! Hopefully I’m all caught up on my homework by then because I’m probably going to ignore it a bit once I have it in my possession. 😉 I’ve reserved a few books at the local library, watched a few YouTube videos, as well as looked into some local sewing classes. I think my sister-in-law and I have inspired some other friends to want to learn with us as well which could make it that much better. At the same time, I want to make sure that if others fall through, I stay on board. I have a habit of quitting if everyone else does to and I don’t want to do that this time. If everyone joins though, some of the local classes seem to offer discounts to groups. That would definitely a bonus! More savings are almost always welcomed.

I’ve been looking into beginner projects I’d like to try also. I haven’t really looked in-depth. I plan on looking into some free ones to start but saw this one and really liked it. What do you think?


I’m told pillows, pillow cases, and totes are best for starts. Any other suggestions?


What do you think?

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