First things first…the machine?

First steps…

So I need a sewing machine. Wednesday I am going by my grandmother’s house to go over some details. I want to make sure I cover all my bases. Although I’m looking for a good started sewing machine, I don’t want to get one I have to replace right away if I want to avoid limitations. Wednesday is also the day I meet up with my sister-in-law(-to-be) to have my first sewing lesson. Hopefully this all goes great. I think if it does, I will order my sewing machine as soon as I get home. I’m slightly impatient 😉 In case anyone happens to come across this blog before then, here is what I’m looking to buy at the moment:


Let me know if this is a good machine to get. Its the Brother CS6000i and right now it is only $160. I’m thinking it’s not bad for a starter machine… but what do I know ;-P


5 thoughts on “First things first…the machine?

  1. It looks quite good for $160 as it has lots of stitches. I got my Janome machine about 17 years ago and it makes such a noise when it’s used. I’d love a new one that has preset pictures to embroider.


    • Thanks! 17 years seems like a good long life. Thinking of replacing it?

      Everyone I’ve talked to locally says this one looks like a good starter machine. I was advised not to buy it yet though. I should have my first lesson to see if I even like sewing first. I’m so impatient! I want to buy it now! 😛 …But I’m supposed to have that lesson tonight so I may have this guy headed my way as of tomorrow morning if not right after I get home tonight 😉


      • I got my machine when I was 14 so I needed something quite basic as I was sewing for school. Since then I’ve been able to use other machines without any bother as once you know the basics it’s easy enough. The one thing I would say though is that the more complicated the machine-the more things that can go wrong with it. Hope your sewing lesson goes well-post a photo of what you make.


  2. Sorry I forgot to answer your question-the only time I’ll replace my machine is when it gives up or when I win the lottery … Whatever comes 1st 🙂


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