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Welcome to my new blog! In 2011, I got engaged…. as well as two of my brothers, my cousin, one of my best friends, and two other awesome ladies I know Change is in the air! In my attempt to get on board with this new feel, I made a New Year’s resolution: to learn a new skill. Since then, I’ve been debating back and forth about what exactly that would be.

I’ve tried a few things out already.

By far the one that has been the most fun has been group painting lessons. (Check out I’m starting this blog with a picture from one of these group lessons as my header so if you are still seeing the peacock painting, check it out. I’m slightly proud of my first painting if you can’t tell! 😉 If I’ve taken it down by the time you join me… (which I plan on doing once I have things related to sewing) …let me know if you’d like to see it still and I’d be glad to share it.

I’ve also attempted glass etching. I find it fun, but not as useful in everyday life for me. (May be handy when I get down to planning the small details for my wedding.)

I’ve even attempted a little jewelry making, although very basic. I do still dabble here and there with it, I find it hard to build up motivation when I love wearing the jewelry my fiance got me.

Then I thought…how about learning Spanish? Its part of my heritage so it only seems right. I “should” know it already I’m told. So I’ve signed up for summer classes to learn Spanish this year. Of course, then I starting thinking, is that really considered a skill? I guess so… but I’m not going to count it…

Then my sister-in-law-to-be does all kinds of neat crafts and we started talking. She has now inspired me to learn to sew. She has some limited sewing skills herself, though waaaaaay more than I can claim (which is none),  so after teaching me what she knows, we plan on learning some more together. Maybe even take some classes? Who knows… I might just hate it, OR I may fall in love.  We shall see! Either way, I have decided to document the experience a long the way. I promise to try my best to update my blog as much as possible. With all the upcoming weddings, I can’t promise I’ll succeed.

For those of you that are interested, my wedding date isn’t until November 2013. There are still four more wedding in between now and then so this should be fun.

PLEASE feel free to send me tips! I’m starting at the very beginning so I will take all the advice you can give me!

So welcome to my SEW-called Adventure!

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